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Welcome to Inner Wisdom Space for Spiritual Counseling & Reiki

Welcome to Inner Wisdom Space for Spiritual Counseling & Reiki

I am Here to Listen

I am Here to Listen

What to Expect

What is Spiritual Guidance?

Spiritual Guidance is a counseling type relationship where listening deeply and authentically to another person takes place.  Spiritual Guidance can include connection to transcendent sources, such as God, the Divine, Supreme Being, as well as immanent sources, such as the connections we create between ourselves and other people.

Treatment Focus

The focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. Reiki and Shamanic are additional services that can be folded into our work together, in addition to spiritual counseling. A neutral and safe space is provided by listening and cultivating a healing environment that works for you. There are many ways to work together in support of your growth!

Client Promise

A Spiritual Guide is someone who is trained to listen authentically and to support your relationship to Self and the larger picture. It is the privilege and responsibility of a Spiritual Guide to journey with you as you deepen your relationship with what makes you whole. This means you are held in a caring and respectful environment and you are in charge of your experience.


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Approach to Working Together

A Heart-Centered Approach

At times in our lives, we need a companion to listen to us as we discern our relationship with the Sacred or discover our connection to the events in our lives that have deep, personal meaning. Each person is on their own unique journey. My approach is listen authentically and to be a friend of the heart. In the Celtic tradition, this is known as Anam Cara. This is a person with whom you can be yourself, where your Soul is welcomed and can feel at rest. 

Benefits of Spiritual Guidance

You can come to Spiritual Guidance for many reasons. It may be to identify and trust your own experiences; integrate spirituality into your daily practice; contemplate your personal journey; or connect with other like-minded people. You may be in need of a healing or a ritual. This work is about being encouraged to draw closer to what is calling you in your own life.

Your Inner Wisdom

A Spiritual Guide can assist you in discerning difficult choices, integrating spirituality or meaning in your personal life, and naming and trusting your own inner wisdom. The focus is on your wholeness as a human being. Your inner wisdom is given the space to explore, have fun, and cultivate a deeper relationship, while honoring what's real and true for you.

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